Multi-Focal Vision Simulator

Your Vision with  Multi-Focal IOLsFor many people with Presbyopia and /or Cataracts, the Multi-Focal Lenses are like turning back the clock to the vision they had in their 20s or 30s. But some people have always been dependent on glasses. For these people, the ReFocus Multi-focal Procedure may represent independence from glasses the first time in their lives.

Watch a simulation of what it is like to see with first generation Multi-Focal IOLs:
simulation of Mono-Focal Vision and Vision with Multi-Focal IOLs .

Now we use second and third generation Multi-Focal IOLs, which give better vision with fewer side effects.

The ReFocus Procedure is not suitable for everyone. We invite you to come for a Free no Obligation ReFocus Vision Assessment, so we can discuss your visual requirements and test your eyes to see whether this option suits your eyes & lifestyle. Click here now to book your FREE ReFocus Vision Assessment online.