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Welcome to Medownick Laser Eye Surgery Clinic

Medownick Laser Eye Surgery Clinic at Epworth Medical Centre,  Melbourne –
a world of better vision and the best place to lose your glasses or contacts.

Genuine Pioneers & Experts in Laser Eye Surgery, Low Stress Cataract Surgery, Laser Vision Correction for  Astigmatism, Myopia, Presbyopia and Long-Sightedness with many thousands of patients enjoying better than 20/20 vision.

Laser Eye Surgery cost is not as expensive as you think with interest Free finance*. Find out why Laser Eye Surgery is cost effective at Free Laser Eye Surgery Appraisal and whether you are suitable for Lasik Laser Eye Surgery. Head to Enjoy Life without glasses and contact lenses.

Laser Eye Surgery: What you need to know about Surgery and Lasik Eye Surgery cost in Melbourne

The benefits of Laser Eye Surgery are understood by most people who experience the inconvenience of wearing glasses or contacts.

Melbourne specialist eye surgeon Dr Medownick and his expert team have achieved better than 20/20 vision in many thousands of laser eye surgery treatments. But it’s not just our experience that makes us the trusted household name in Laser Eye Surgery.

Our Medownick Care Policy assures that each laser eye surgery is carefully tailored to your individual needs for the best possible outcome, determining if Lasik eye surgery or an alternative eye surgery suits your needs best. Discover just how easy life without glasses or contacts can be. It is very affordable and safer than you think. Read All you need to know about Laser or Lasik Eye Surgery.

Contact us for your free assessment and to discuss laser eye surgery cost and any other questions you may have.

Your eyes could be young again with new Eye Surgery in Melbourne

Do you hate your multi-focal glasses? Why continue to struggle? Now your eyes can be young again. The new ReFocus Procedure from Medownick Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in Melbourne can reduce or eliminate your need for multi-focal glasses. In just minutes you can turn back the clock, and free your eyes. Medownick Laser Eye Surgery Clinic was the first Clinic in Melbourne (Victoria) to perform Multi-Focal Eye Surgery on regular basis. Read on new Eye Surgery.

Are Cataracts affecting the quality of your life? Cataract Surgery Benefits. Cataract Surgery Cost.

Sometime after you pass 45, cataracts could develop in your eyes. You don’t notice the cataracts first. Most people learn to live with a slight blurring of the vision. Often you are not aware that the sight falls below driving vision. Medownick Laser Clinic performs free cataracts tests. We are experts in Low Stress Cataract Surgery. Did you know that Cataracts Surgery halves accident rate in older drivers? Read on Cataract Surgery and Cataract Surgery Cost.

Taking Laser Eye Surgery beyond 20/20 Vision

Our new Laser is the newest and the fastest Laser in Victoria. It is also the fastest Excimer Laser in USA. In fact, it is so fast that an average Laser Eye Surgery takes only 5 seconds. It is one of the safest systems anywhere in the world  with less risk of side effects. It customizes every treatment to the patient’s individual eye. Wavefront Optimized™ eye treatment considers the unique curvature and biomechanics of the eye, preserving quality of vision and improving night vision. It utilises Perfect Pulse Technology™. The high-speed eye-tracker follows the eye’s fastest movements. Read on laser eye surgery technology

Introducing Next Generation Laser Eye Surgery to Australia in 1994

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