Tiger Cub Gets Cataract Eye Surgery

This Siberian tiger cub has made Chinese medical history.

According to state media, the five-month old became the youngest animal in China to ever undergo eye surgery. Doctors removed cataracts from both of the cub’s eyes at a hospital in eastern China.

a tiger cubZoo keepers knew he had a problem when he’d run into walls, and rely only on smell to find food.
Cataracts in infant tigers are very rare, and this one’s likely came from inbreeding or infection while still in the womb.

For over an hour, doctors minimized cutting by using ultrasonic waves to break up the cataracts. Still, they couldn’t be sure the problem wouldn’t reoccur.

If the cataracts do come back, the tiger can’t have another laser eye operation.
This prompted doctors to use the most advanced surgical methods possible.

They say from now on the tiger’s vision will likely be short-sighted.

In 2005, there were fewer than 400 Siberian tigers left in the wild. Almost all of them live in Siberia itself.

Article Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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