What is Myopia (short-sightedness)?

This is a condition in which the eye can see close objects, but has trouble bringing distant objects into focus.

The word “myopia” comes from the Greek word for “closed eyes”.

Myopic Eye

This is probably as a result of people with a myopic condition squinting their eyes to see objects in the distance.

Myopia is an inherited condition, often detected in children as young as eight to 12 years. Typically, the condition grows worse during teenage years, but levels off as they grow into adulthood.

As a result, they may need new glasses prescribed every six months.

There is usually very little change in this condition between the ages of 18 and 40. There is also an adult form of myopia that does not occur until the early 20s.

Physically, the myopic eye is more oval than round, which means a longer distance from the front of the eye to the back.As a result, the lens is unable to focus light from distant objects clearly onto the retina.

It is far rarer, but myopia can also be caused by a distortion in the shape of the cornea or lens.

Myopia usually disappear with either corrective lenses, Laser Eye Surgery or Implantable Contact Lenses for high degree of Myopia in young people.