Sports star hails benefits of laser eye surgery

A sportsman who had Lasik laser eye surgery has said that it was one of the best things he has ever done and has helped to boost his career.

a Paul ShPaul Shefflin, 29, who plays hurling for his club team Ballyhale Shamrocks, in Kilkenny, said his decision to undergo laser eye surgery last month was a wise one, as it has enabled him to see the field of play more clearly.

He told the Irish Independent: “There are always potential dangers, but I thought about the number of people who`ve got it done and the small number of complications. I felt there was no point getting too upset about it as it`s been successfully used by so many thousands of people.”

Mr Shefflin added that the laser eye surgery operation was a smooth one and it is good to be able to see without the need for glasses.

Another famous sports star who has benefitted form laser eye surgery is Tiger Woods, the world`s number one golfer.

Article Source: Contact Lenses News (UK), Alexa Kaczka

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