Ophthalmologists prefer microkeratome LASIK to all Laser Lasik

a blue eye with laserOcular Surgery news posed the question to Ophthalmologist performing LASIK: Do you prefer the traditional microkeratome instrumentor femtosecond microkeratome laser for creating the LASIK flap.

Overwhelming the top experts in the world responded that the traditional microkeratome instrument was preferred.

The reasons given were:

» Femtosecond lasers produce a less regular surface
» Femtosecond lasers create tiny bubbles which makes it difficult for eye trackers to engage 20% of the time
» Femtosecond lasers create a tissue bridge making flap lifting more difficult
» Femtosecond lasers causes more inflammation than a traditional microkeratome and delay visual recovery
» Femtosecond lasers does not reduce ectasia risk
» Femtosecond lasers cost more which is passed onto the patient
Two-thirds of all LASIK procedures performed in the world use the traditional microkeratome instrument for flap creation.

Experts agreed that those using the femtosecond laser tend to be less experienced surgeons or surgeons who want to create an illusion that all laser LASIK is superior in their marketing materials.

Expert surgeons report the use of femtosecond lasers have an application for patients with map dot finger print epithelial dystrophy or less experienced surgeons with flap creation by the traditional microkeratome instrument.

Source: OSN supersite

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