Should Laser Eye Surgery Be Considered a Performance Enhancer?

1st March 2010 By Jeremy Taylor (Asylum for All Mankind)

Shaun BotterillOne of the big differences between the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics is there is much less chatter about performance-enhancing drugs in the colder version. (Insert joke about snowboarders and marijuana here.)

However, as our friends at With Leather uncovered, U.S. gold medal–winning bobsledder Steven Holcomb copped to getting corrective laser eye surgery a couple years ago. Ironically, Holcomb claims his clearer vision made it harder for him to race with his “instinctive style,” but the motivation for top-flight athletes to get their eyes zapped is clearly to improve their performance.

Many baseball players and golfers swear by laser eye surgery, and usually get their vision set to better than 20/20.

So why isn’t this effort to use technology to impart superhuman abilities considered cheating?

When an athlete gets Laser Eye Surgery, is he cheating?

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