What is an Excimer Laser?

AllegrettoLaserThis is the most dramatic innovation in the whole field of eye surgery today. The Excimer Laser is an ultraviolet laser capable of breaking the molecular bonds of the corneal tissues by vaporising them in a cold manner, so no heat is generated.

The laser unit is computer controlled, and so precise, that it can remove fractions of a micron (1/1000 of a millimetre) of tissue, with each pulse.

Obviously, each patient’s cornea is of a different shape and thickness. The computer specialised software allows us to calculate with micron precision the number of pulses required and their pattern to correct a specific refractive error, by reshaping, or resculpting, the cornea.

We use the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q Laser. It is a state-of-the-art, sixth generation Excimer laser that makes it possible to take human sight beyond 20/20 vision by customizing every treatment to the patient’s individual eye and to achieve outstanding clinical results.

We noticed that the new system reduces the stress of a patient undergoing Laser Eye Surgery as you are no longer required to freeze your gaze.  On average  your laser eye surgery will take  only 6 seconds of laser time, and  will require only a topical anesthetic in the form of eye drops. Our Laser is the fastest laser system in Victoria.  Read more about Our Technology.

The Laser incorporates a special tracking system that can follow the slightest eye movement and maintain faultless accuracy.

Don’t worry about blinking or any other accidental movements. The laser tracks your eye many hundreds of times a second, following it and compensating for your eye movements. There is virtually nothing you could do with your eyes during the treatment to compromise your surgery, or put you at risk.

As a potential patient at Medownick Laser Clinic, we want to start by providing you with a clear understanding of what refractive errors are and exactly what is involved in the Laser Vision Correction procedure.

Read on what refractive errors we can treat with Excimer Laser.

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