Can I help my Healing – Restrictions after Lasik Surgery

It is vital that you return to the clinic so your healing progress and improved vision can be monitored, and if required, adjustments made in the doses of the various eye drops prescribed specifically for your eyes. Failure to attend your post-operative appointments could jeopardise your results.

To help the healing of your eyes after your Laser Eye Surgery you will be prescribed some drops. It is vitally important that you wash your hands every time before you put drops in your eyes, especially during the first week.

If you love animals and have pets at home, please make sure your dog or your cat is not allowed to your bedroom during first few days after your Laser Eye Surgery.

If you have small children and they happen to have red eye or any other eye problems, please make sure they are separated from you as soon as you notice the problem with their eyes. In this case also please let us know by calling on our emergency line so we can adjust your treatment.

It will be critical to the success of your operation also to obey the following strict guidelines.

  • Week One

No eye make-up, no swimming, and low impact exercise only.

  • Week Two

Still no swimming, but gym, aerobics, weights, running and other physical exercise are okay.

  • Up to Three Weeks

You should not engage in any form of contact sport, such as football, basketball, martial arts, etc.

  • Do not drive until you are comfortable with your vision.
  • Do not use any eye drops or eye treatments that have not been prescribed for you by Dr. Medownick.
  • You should avoid UV light exposure for a few months after Laser Eye Surgery to obtain optimal results. It means you should always wear protective sunglasses while outside and avoid skiing and surfing during this time.

If you decide to have one eye done at a time, we shall treat the non-dominant eye first, and the dominant eye later, at a time convenient to you. During the period between operations, visual co-ordination may be slightly impaired. And you may have difficulty reading or driving. Please do not drive until you feel comfortable about your vision.

If you decide to have both eyes done simultaneously, as the vast majority of our patients, you must also accept that while legal driving vision may return within a few days, reading and computer vision may take a little longer. You will be advised to take a few days off work to maximise the curative process.

By this time you’ll  notice all sorts of things that make everyday life better.

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