The Big Day! On the day of your Eye Surgery Operation

You should allow at least three, possibly four hours. We ask that you have normal meals, and do not wear any eye make-up,  perfume or aftershave. Please wear warm comfortable clothes as it is rather cold in the laser room. If you wear contact lenses, please do not use them for a prescribed period of time before your Laser Eye Surgery (usually 3 days for soft contact lenses).

You’re bound to feel a little anxious. Don’t worry: by this stage we know your eyes in incredible detail, which is the key to successful Laser Eye Surgery. Nevertheless, the first thing we will do is a final examination, to double-check and repeat previous measurements. We will give you a mild oral sedative to help you relax. We shall also put anaesthetic drops in your eyes.

You will then be accompanied to the Laser Room – and a changed life.

Generally, we treat both eyes in just 10 minutes. Dr Medownick will talk you through every stage of your Laser Eye Surgery Procedure, so nothing will surprise you. There’s no pain at all, although at times you may feel a light touch or gentle pressure on your eye, which can be slightly uncomfortable for a matter of seconds. For the most part, all you do is look straight into a flashing green light.

Don’t worry about blinking or any other accidental movements. The laser tracks your eye many hundreds of times a second, following it and compensating for your eye movements. There is virtually nothing you could do with your eyes during the treatment to compromise your surgery, or put you at risk.

You’ll probably notice a big change as soon as you sit up. Your vision will be foggy. You will have what we call “vaseline” vision, slightly blurred. But objects and people will already seem more in focus. For many patients, this can be quite overwhelming.

Immediately after laser eye surgery.

We will help ensure a safe and successful recovery with comprehensive, detailed aftercare. You’ll have eye drops to aid in the healing of your eyes and to protect against infection, anaesthetic drops for comfort and night-time clear plastic eye shields to wear for the first 4 nights, so you can’t rub your eyes in your sleep.

Written instructions for the use of eye drops and post-operative care will also be provided.This will include advice regarding after hours care, including a 24-hour Direct Emergency Line, should you require personal or medical help. Read on about The Medownick Care Policy & our Ultimate Service.

You can then leave almost immediately and may return home shortly after surgery.  It’s that quick and that simple. A friend or a family member must drive you home. We emphasise, YOU MUST NOT DRIVE YOURSELF.

You will be given a schedule of follow-up appointments.

It is vital that you return to the clinic so your healing progress and improved vision can be monitored, and if required, adjustments made in the doses of the various eye drops prescribed specifically for your eyes. Failure to attend your post-operative appointments could jeopardise your results.

Usually by the time you come for your first post operative appointment you will have better than driving vision, although it could take a little longer in some cases. Visual acuity improves over a period of a few weeks, but you already can enjoy your natural vision.

To help the healing process of your eyes we ask you to restrain from some activities for 1-2 weeks following your Laser Eye Surgery.

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