Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik is a procedure that combines the established precision of Excimer Laser, with a new computerised Microkeratom or IntraLase.

Medownick Laser Clinic was the first eye clinic in Victoria to offer patients the French Moria Evolution Microkeratom and the German SCHWIND upgradeable Excimer Laser that allows us to maintain the latest advances and improvements in Lasik Laser Vision Correction.

Dr. Medownick has performed many thousands of Lasik Laser Eye Surgery procedures, with consistently impressive results.

To complete the healing process, Lasik patients use antibiotic and steroid anti-inflammatory eye drops for 2-3 weeks.

There are a few disadvantages to Lasik Eye Surgery. Worldwide statistics show that even in the most skilled hands, the potential for technical complications of Lasik Eye Surgery (explained in detail later), especially irregular astigmatism and bad flaps , is greater, than with Lasik Without a Flap Eye Surgery (ALSA or Lasek). Nearly all patients undergoing Lasik Surgery will have dry eye after the procedure for prolonged period of time and a thinner cornea.

The specific pros and cons of each laser eye surgery procedure will be discussed in detail during your private eye laser surgery consultation.

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