Lasik Eye Surgery Without a Flap: ALSA, Advanced PRK and Lasek

With Lasik Without a Flap, there is no incision made. There is no need to cut a flap out of your cornea. With the Lasik Without a Flap Excimer procedure, the epithelium is gently softened and removed during the procedure. Computer controlled pulses of cool laser light are then applied to delicately reshape the curvature of the eye.

Each pulse of the laser can remove one 39 millionth of an inch of eye tissue, in just 12 billionths of a second. This enables us to achieve remarkable accuracy, while maintaining excellent control throughout the procedure.

Deeper cell layers remain untouched.

Lasek (Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis) is a refractive flap procedure which offers the advantages of Lasik Without a Flap and Lasik. An epithelial flap is created without a Microkeratom. The procedure is safer than Lasik. It usually takes longer to heal than Lasik Without a Flap. Patients undergoing Lasek procedure usually have more discomfort than with Lasik Without a Flap procedure.

With any procedures, nearly all patients get slightly dry eyes for a short period of time after laser vision correction. This is treated with lubricant drops. In most cases this is temporary and improves with time. A small number of patients may need an additional treatment for dry eyes.

With Lasik Without a Flap (ALSA) the surface cells grow back in a few days, and healing can vary from slow to fast in different patients. Around the age of 50 onwards healing may take longer and a number of weeks to stabilise. The ALSA (Lasik Without a Flap) procedure treats the surface of the cornea, and this area contains some cells which may be more susceptible to inflammation, healing haze and occasional scarring. Corneal Healing Haze occurs to some degree with all patients, particularly during weeks six to eight following Laser Vision treatment. This is usually controlled by increasing the dosage of eye drops. It causes few, if any symptoms, and is becoming much less common with our more advanced laser surgery techniques. These extremely faint scars cannot be seen except with a microscope and usually have no effect on your vision.

To complete the healing process, ALSA (Lasik Without a Flap) patients use steroid anti-inflammatory drops for one to three months, under our direct supervision. With a protective temporary soft contact lens in position, discomfort is usually minimal and visual recovery rapid.

Although no procedure can be perfect, Excimer Laser technology allows for an unparalleled degree of precision and predictability. This makes Laser Vision Correction, in our opinion, the best procedure available for suitable laser eye surgery candidates.

In the hands of an experienced Eye Surgeon the final vision is pretty much the same with each of these variations of Laser Eye Surgery. While there is a difference in the recovery times, our main concern is which technique will be the safest technique for your particular situation. We believe Lasik Eye Surgery without a flap or Advanced Laser Surface Ablation (ALSA) gives patients better quality of vision. With ALSA (Lasik Without a Flap) there is much less reported cases of Dry eye syndrome and there is no Lasik flap complications. It has been performed since the early 90’s, and very significant improvements have taken place over the years. Advanced Laser Surface Treatment is becoming more popular each year, as doctors understand that for certain groups of people it is the safest choice.

The specific pros and cons of each laser eye surgery procedure will be discussed in detail during your private eye laser surgery consultation.

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