Lasik and “Lasik without a Flap”: Advanced Laser Surface Ablation (ALSA), Lasek, Advanced PRK

lasek video thumbnailUnderstand, there are several variations of Laser Eye Surgery, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. We have performed all variations of Laser Eye surgery. We will discuss your specific situation with you after we have taken your personal history and performed measurements and calculations.

  • Lasik Surgery (laser in-situ keratomileusis). A self-sealing flap is made using the Keratome or the IntraLase laser. The treatment is then applied under the self-sealing flap. Watch our illustration of a Lasik procedure. Please note it takes around a minute to load the animation. Lasik
  • “Lasik Without a Flap” or Surface Treatments:  Advanced PRK, Lasek, Advanced Laser Surface Ablation (ALSA). Rather than making a self-sealing flap, the laser treatment is applied directly under the soft material (known as the epithelium) that covers the front surface of the eye. There are many minor variations in how the soft material is handled: if the soft material is completely removed, then the procedure is called Advanced PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) If it’s softened or partially removed, the procedure is called ALSA; if it is replaced, the technique is called Lasek; if the soft material is loosened with a machine, then it is called Epi-Lasik. Please watch our illustrations: Epi Lasik, PRK and Lasek

The difference between Lasik  Eye Surgery and Lasik Without a Flap Eye Surgery (ALSA, Surface Treatment) represents one of the greatest misunderstandings about Laser Vision Correction.

At first we thought Lasik eye surgery would replace the ALSA procedure. But through invaluable experience over a number of years, we learned that the choice of procedure depends on the specific eye undergoing Laser Vision Correction.

With either procedure, our new most sophisticated fastest flying spot ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q Laser allows for more precise, and more predictable Laser Vision Correction with less risk involved. See our technology for more details.

Our new tracking device is unique, and allows the laser to follow your eye movements with maximum precision. This results in shorter treatment times, and a much decreased chance of any complication occurring, which makes Laser Vision Correction as fault-proof as possible. We also noticed that the new system reduces the stress of a patient undergoing Laser Eye Surgery as you are no longer required to freeze your gaze.  The greater your prescription, the longer your procedure will take. Even the most severe prescriptions seldom take more than 15 seconds laser time, and require only a topical anaesthetic in the form of eye drops.

There are a number of factors that decide which Laser Vision Correction procedure will be best for your eye(s).

Essentially, there is no difference in results between all laser eye surgery procedures.

With Lasik Eye Surgery Without a Flap, there is virtually no discomfort during the Eye laser procedure, but most patients feel some discomfort for a short period after.

With Lasik Eye Surgery, there is some discomfort during the eye laser procedure, but virtually none once the procedure is completed.

The rate of visual recovery varies with each person.  Usually, within a  few days, there will be no difference between laser procedures in terms of patient result.

We are treating your eyes, and it is critically important that we are able to specify the Laser Vision Correction procedure that will ensure the maximum outcome.

Dr Medownick was the first laser surgeon in Victoria to perform Lasik Without a Flap Laser procedure on a regular basis. He also was the first in Australia and one of the first in the world to use Advanced Laser Surface (ALSA, or Lasik Without a Flap) Treatments to improve the clarity of vision after LASIK Surgery procedures. Many Lasik Laser Eye Surgeons in Australia followed him in the use of this technique. He was invited by leading American surgeons to collaborate on this technique. These results were presented on major American and European Cataract and Refractive Surgery meetings.

Let’s discuss the two types of Laser Eye Surgery in greater detail.

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