International ophthalmologists voice support for PRK over LASIK Eye Surgery

Ocular Surgery News SuperSite reports on May 22, 2008 that after a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of LASIK and PRK eye surgery, the majority of international ophthalmologists in a session here changed their initial vote in favor of LASIK to favor PRK laser eye surgery.

Potential complications of LASIK eye surgery include infection, hypocorrection or hypercorrection, irregular astigmatism, flap complications, diffuse lamellar keratitis and corneal ectasia, he said.

Dr. Ambrosio questioned the safety of LASIK eye surgery, showing a case in which a patient rubbed his eyes lightly on the first day postop and had complications. “The reduced comfort is a matter of 3 days, and it can be mitigated with medication,” he said.

He pointed out that in the long term, LASIK eye surgery can cause a greater impact on the ocular surface and can lead to dry eye due to the reduction in the cornea’s sensitivity caused by the cutting of nerves, unlike surface ablation.

He said that in studies comparing personalized LASIK eye surgery to personalized PRK laser eye surgery, both performed with manual microkeratomes, PRK showed better quality of vision and aberrometric results after 3 months.

“Best results today are obtained with personalized surface ablation” Dr. Ambrosio said.

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