International Athletes & Laser Eye Operation

Many top athletes are turning to Laser Eye Surgery to eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses, and with good reason. For athletes, both glasses and contact lenses can be a problem, despite special lenses and glasses worn in the past to improve an athlete’s vision.

Sports-related eye injuries involving broken glasses are common in hospital emergency rooms, creating a hazard professional athletes would rather avoid. Glasses also slip and slide as the athlete sweats, affecting important training and game plays.

Are contact lenses a better choice? Unfortunately, contact lenses can fall out during play, and sweat, dirt and other airborne irritants can get underneath them and cause infection, great discomfort and diminished vision.

Who has more riding on their eyes than scores of professional athletes that make millions of dollars for the talent and skill associated with their eyes. These athletes depends on their eyes for their lucrative livelihood, fame, and popularity, and stand to lose more than just millions of dollars should something go wrong. Yet, every year, hundreds of professional athletes, as well as government aviators, CEOs, actors, models and (gasp!) DOCTORS undergo Laser Eye Surgery.

Why would they take such a risk when they stand to lose so much? Because Laser Eye Surgery  is one of the most successful procedures, elective or otherwise that someone can have! Laser Vision Correction takes only minutes, is relatively painless, and allows you to be back doing everyday things, such as working and driving, in a few days. So, on the replays, when you see Tiger Woods look so intently at that 18th hole at the U.S. Open, know that he is looking with vision far superior than he ever had before. He stood to lose lots, but because of the remarkably low risk, he ended up winning big.

Everyone’s doing it, so why not you? All of these athletes are among the 30 million people who have undergone Laser Eye Surgery. Just call us on 1800 Dr Eyes (1800 37 3937) or contact us online  to find whether you are a suitable candidate for Laser Eye Surgery at Medownick.  Even if you aren’t an international athlete you will be treated like one!

Please find a list of some of international athletes:


  • Tiki Barber (Former NY Giant)
  • LeShon Johnson (NY Giants)
  • Lawrence Taylor (NY Giants)
  • Wade Boggs (Boston Red Sox)
  • Mike Dunn (NHRA Dragster)
  • Patrick Ewing (Former NY Knick)
  • Ferguson (Green Bay Packers)
  • Rick Fox (LA Lakers)
  • Greg Maddux (Chicago Cubs)
  • Jose Offerman (Boston Red Sox)
  • Michael Rucker (Carolina Panthers)
  • Amy Van Dyken (Olympic Swimmer)
  • Sue Wicks (NY Liberty WNBA)
  • Dorothy Hamil (Professional Ice Skater)
  • Troy Aikman ( Dallas Cowboy)
  • Derek Fisher (NBA)
  • Ted Williams (MLBA)
  • Bobby Rahal (IRL Racing)
  • Tiger Woods (PGA)
  • Fred Funk (PGA)
  • Tom Byrum (PGA)
  • Tom Kite (PGA)
  • Laura Davies (LPGA)
  • Vijay Singh (PGA)
  • Jesper Parnevick (PGA)=C 2
  • Hale Erwin (PGA)
  • Corey Poavin (PGA)
  • Steve Elkington (PGA)
  • LaBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • Richard “Rip” Hamilton (Detroit Pistons)

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