Laser Eye Surgery

Its time to enjoy life without glasses  onlyThe benefits of Laser and Lasik Eye Surgery are understood by most people who experience the inconvenience of wearing glasses or contact lenses.  But many questions remain unanswered.

We use our eyes in almost everything we do whether working, watching television, playing sport, reading or driving our cars.

So it is only natural that operation involving your eyes, no matter how beneficial, is not a decision that you will take lightly. We understand, and genuinely appreciate your feelings.

Laser vision correction can seem daunting – until you actually know what’s involved. Naturally, the journey is different for every patient,  but in most cases the fundamental process for all Laser, PRK eye surgery or Lasik Eye Surgery treatments is the same.

This section sets out the 5 basic steps which explain not only how easy eye surgeons can do it for you, but also offer an insight into the extraordinary level of care we take at each stage. At our initial rigorous screening process we examine your eyes in detail before the surgery as not all eyes are suitable for Laser Surgery, PRK eye surgery or Lasik. Our individual tailored approach to customised eye surgery treatments will address your individual needs as every eye is unique. We offer the ultimate level of eye surgery aftercare.

Step 1: Contact us – the first step towards visual freedom

If you are considering Laser Eye Surgery, just call the experts on 1800 DR EYES (1800 37 3937) to speak with one of our Patient Care Team. There is NO obligation, but we are happy to help you with any questions or discuss your concerns about Laser, Lasik or PRK Eye Surgery. You’re not committed to anything, even if you book a Free Laser Surgery Assessment Online.

Step 2: You come for a Free Surgery assessment

Educational Laser Vision CorrectionFirst, we need to make sure you’re suitable for eye surgery. Your screening at Medownick is complimentary. We’re confident it will be, most likely, the most comprehensive eye exam you have ever had. Knowing your eyes in fine detail means lower risks and better surgery results. So we never rush on the screening process.

Step 3: The Big Day! Your Laser Eye Procedure!

You’re bound to feel anxious. Don’t worry: by this stage we know your eyes in incredible detail, which is the key to successful operation. Nevertheless, the first thing we will do is a final check-up, to double-check and repeat previous measurements. We will give you a mild oral sedative to help you relax.  You will then be accompanied to the Laser Room – and a changed life! Find Out More…

Step 4: Surgery Aftercare

You’ll probably notice a big change as soon as you sit up. Your vision will be foggy, as if you’re looking through a pale mist. But objects and people will already seem more in focus. For many patients, this can be quite overwhelming. We will help ensure a safe and successful recovery with comprehensive, detailed aftercare. Read on about The Medownick Care Policy & our Ultimate Service.

Step 5: Years of natural vision after procedure

a laser eyeWhen your vision is restored with Lasik Surgery, you’ll notice all sorts of things that make your everyday life better.
It is a delight to see naturally from the moment you wake up.
You can watch football without your spectacles getting in the way and to play with your children, without worrying about
your glasses. You can go swimming without worrying that your contact lenses
will wash out.

And if at any time you want to visit us to check your progress, even years down the road, we’ll welcome you.

KimKardashianNewShining stars of the red carpet and sports arenas are having Laser, Lasik or PRK Surgery to see clearly. Stars like Tiger Woods, Brad Pitt, Elton John, Nicole Kidman, Ashlee Simpson, Cindy Crawford, Footy great Brett Ratten and other celebrities – all had Laser Eye Operation because they could not see clearly without glasses. After all, why not have natural vision? Not only Laser Vision Correction is popular, but incredibly practical and affordable.

Your eyesight is one of the most precious gifts you possess. So who can you trust to look after your eyes? We are here to answer your questions. We want to ease your concerns and to help you make an informed decision about Eye Surgery and your eyes. You should always investigate the options for yourself.
So before you make any decisions, please contact Medownick Clinic
at Epworth Medical Centre, Melbourne, and ask any questions you may have.
We’d be delighted to help, whether or not you decide to go ahead with Laser Eye treatment.

Booking a FREE no obligation initial assessment is a good way to find out if you’re suitable for Laser, Lasik or PRK Eye Surgery, and to talk through any concerns or questions you may have. Find it out today at the Medownick Clinic.

Isn’t it time you took the first step towards years of natural vision with
Lasik? To make an appointment or to just speak to one of our dedicated Patient Care Team contact us online.

Please watch our Educational Eye Surgery Video (9.5 min)

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