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Make 2016 the year you achieve freedom from your glasses or contact lenses with Laser Eye Surgery from Medownick Laser Clinic.

When you consider what you will pay for your glasses and contact lenses in the next few years, compared to the great finance options available for laser eye surgery, it’s clear to see why laser eye surgery is worth considering.

Based upon discount prices for a popular contact lens brand from Specsavers online, you could save up to $13,500* over 15 years with Laser Eye Surgery. Laser Eye Surgery is one investment that improves your lifestyle and offers positive financial returns. To find out more about laser eye surgery cost, book a Free Laser Eye Surgery Consultation online now at Medownick and change your life.

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As somebody who has recently expressed an interest in laser eye surgery with Medownick Laser Clinic, we would like to introduce the benefits that we think Laser Eye Surgery treatment could offer you.

Imagine waking up to see the time on your alarm clock, taking part in sports and leisure activities?  Imaging swimming without your glasses and contact lenses, or simply wearing the designer sunglasses you have always wanted? We can help to make this possible.

a laser eyeContact Medownick Laser Clinic and you will be one step closer to freedom from your glasses and contact lenses with the opportunity to take advantage of this exclusive offer $500 off your Laser Eye Surgery in January. Simply  book an assessment and Laser Eye Procedure before 30 January 2017. The assessment is FREE. There are No Obligations. You do not need to proceed with Laser Eye Surgery if you have any doubts – you are Free to walk away. We will only do your Laser Eye Treatment if you are a good candidate for Laser Eye Surgery. We are happy to discuss your laser eye surgery cost.
We look forward to helping you to enjoy clear vision without your glasses or contact lenses!

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