Bode Miller laments not having Laser Eye Surgery before Sochi

Bode Miller is readyBode Miller has revealed he was supposed to undergo laser eye surgery before heading to Sochi – but lamented that he did not have time to fit the procedure into his schedule.

Defending gold medalist revealed that he did not have time to undergo laser eye surgery before the Games.

He explained that he struggles with his eyesight most when it is not sunny and said this was the reason he did not win a medal in downhill event. Bode Miller laments

The 36-year-old skier, who topped training for the super combined on Tuesday, spoke out after finishing in a disappointing eighth place in Sunday’s downhill race.   Bode Miller‘I was supposed to get an eye surgery earlier this year,’ said Miller, who has won five Olympic medals.

‘We just never found the time to do it because the race schedule was so tight. We were pretty (upset) looking back on that that we hadn’t figured out a time to do that, because for me my vision is critical.’

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