Laser Eye Surgery: A Good Investment for So Many Reasons

Its time to enjoy life without glasses  onlyConsidering  the financial investment required for Laser Eye Surgery,  you have probably already compared the cost of the procedure versus the cost of years of continually replacing glasses and contacts.

In case you haven’t, this post lays out the details — including a few you might not have thought of.

Based upon discount prices for a popular contact lens brand from Specsavers online , let’s look at a few figures:

How to save with laser eye surgery over 20 years  smaller

Use this table only as an example as actual figures will vary depending on the type of contacts you wear, how often you replace your glasses and the final cost of your procedure plus your insurance status. However, the data suggest that for most patients without insurance, Laser Eye Surgery more than pays for itself and yields real savings over time.

If only the same could be said for every monetary decision. Think about how often you pay for convenience: pay more for groceries because the neighbourhood store is closer than the discount warehouse, avoid the store altogether and pay for shipping to your door, or gladly hire someone else to do a job that would be inconvenient for you. And you’d never go without text messaging, wireless Internet or automatic car windows, would you?
None of these conveniences offer any real financial return — they just save time and reduce hassle in our busy lives. Yet, we’d never go without them. We don’t really consider the monetary cost because convenience is often times more important. (Time is money, after all.)

When thinking about your vision, consider the toll that contacts and glasses take on your lifestyle. Think about the time you spend squeezing in last-minute eye appointments, ordering replacement contacts, and the small (but very real) drudgery of putting contacts in and taking them out every day. According to an independently-conducted survey, the average person spends 63 hours a year managing, changing and cleaning his or her glasses and contacts — that’s more than 2 days.

Glasses and contacts cause other major inconveniences that you simply grow used to. You have surely gone for a run or played sports with glasses sliding down your sweaty nose. You’ve messed with your contacts when you travel because sleeping in them irritates your eyes. You have run out of contacts when something unexpected comes up. You have fumbled for your glasses before checking on your sick kids in the middle of the night. None of this sounds horrible by itself, but repeatedly and over time, you have to admit that relying on eye-wear just to see the world around you is a real pain.

Others have been in your place. A Laser Eye Surgery patient from Arizona, said, “I have worn glasses or contacts since I was nine years old. By the time I was 31, I was pretty much blind without glasses or contacts. I was sick of it! I was tired of stumbling around at night looking for my glasses to take care of my kids. I decided to get Laser Eye Surgery, and it was the best investment I have  ever made! I made sure to have the procedure before a trip to the Great  Canyon. I experienced and saw things on that trip that I would have not been able to without Laser Eye Surgery. I truly feel Laser Eye Surgery changed my life.”

Laser Eye Surgery is one investment that improves your lifestyle and offers positive financial returns. The same can’t be said for most other purchases, where we’re usually faced with tough choices between convenience and cost.

Alex, a Laser Eye Surgery patient from Georgia, said, “My job as a fire-fighter required me to wear contacts 24/7. As you can imagine, that was often frustrating. I had Laser Eye Surgery in September 2010. My job — my entire well-being — has improved since then. The fact that I will be saving money in the long run also makes this the best decision I’ve ever made. You genuinely have a better attitude with perfect vision. I encourage anyone thinking about Laser Eye Surgery to get a consultation. It truly was a great experience.”

If you haven’t already, take some time to calculate your own numbers. Tally your personal expenditures on glasses and contacts. Schedule a Laser Eye Surgery consultation to get a better idea of the investment it requires. Then go beyond the numbers and recognize that your eyesight is more than just a convenience. Laser Eye Surgery often improves eyesight with one simple procedure. If your eyes are the windows to your soul, make sure yours are automatic car windows.

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