What is ReFocus Vision Correction?

ReFocus procedureThe ReFocus Refractive Procedure is a treatment for Presbyopia, where true second generation premium Multi-Focal IOLs (Intra-ocular Lenses) are used. It allows most people to see well anywhere, be it near, mid-distance or far – day and night. For some patients, this may be an alternative to Multi-Focal glasses.

At Medownick Laser Clinic we use the best available premium IOLs: ReStor, Tecnis and ReZoom Multi-Focal IOLs and Crystalens IOL.

The surgical technique we use to insert this new generation IOL into your eyes  is called Medownick Low Stress Refractive Lensectomy . It is the same technique we use to remove Cataract. It is important for you to understand that if you have a ReFocus Procedure, you will never need a Cataract Operation.

Your Vision with  Multi-Focal IOLsThe ReFocus Procedure lets some patients resume their lives with a full range of vision in varying light conditions. It may provide independence from multi-focal glasses in most situations.

For many people with Presbyopia and /or Cataracts, the Multi-Focal Lenses are like turning back the clock to the vision they had in their 20s or 30s. But some people have always been dependent on glasses. For these people, the ReFocus Multi-focal Procedure may represent independence from glasses the first time in their lives.

Watch a simulation of what it is like to see with first generation Multi-Focal IOLs:
simulation of Mono-Focal Vision and Vision with Multi-Focal IOLs . Now we use second and third generation Multi-Focal IOLs, which give better vision with fewer side effects.
Most people with Multi-Focal Lenses enjoy life – reading, using computer, cooking or driving a car – without having depend on glasses all the time.

In fact, the case studies, 92% of those who have benefited from ReZoom technology, never or only occasionally needed to use reading glasses.

To be a candidate for ReFocus Multi-Focal Procedure you need to have difficulty reading without your glasses, difficulty seeing close objects, difficulty seeing while driving, especially at night, changing glasses prescriptions and need bifocals or multi-focal glasses.

We hope this section will provide you with sufficient information to help you make an informed decision about ReFocus Procedure and whether this procedure suits your lifestyle.

At Medownick, we are naturally proud of the advanced surgical eye care we are able to offer you. A combination of surgical skills and state of the art computer technology in a friendly caring environment, will reduce discomfort, minimise your recovery time, and in the end, provide you with a much improved, and more flexible lifestyle.

The ReFocus Procedure is not suitable for everyone.  We invite you to come for a Free no Obligation ReFocus Vision Assessment, so we can discuss your visual requirements and test your eyes to see whether this option suits your eyes & lifestyle. Click here now to book your FREE ReFocus Vision Assessment online.

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