What is Low Stress Refractive Lensectomy?

This is a very accurate technique for correcting high and very difficult refractive errors, and  gives us a predictability percentage in the high 90s of dramatically (and sometimes completely) reducing your use of glasses or contact lenses, like watching TV,   driving your car or reading a book.

With our screening process in place, our technical success rate now exceeds 99%.

How does it differ from Eye Laser Treatment?

The Eye AnatomyRefractive Lensectomy is a Refractive Eye Procedure where the natural lens behind your cornea is gently removed using a microscopic self-sealing incision in the periphery of your eye’s cornea, and an intraocular lens implanted, usually with only local anaesthetic eye drops, and no stitches required.

This is often combined with or followed by surgery for astigmatism (T-cuts) or Laser Eye Surgery Vision Correction  to fine tune residual imperfections in your vision.

The procedure itself is a walk-in, walk-out operation, and takes around 10 – 15 minutes.

And it is performed in a specially designed boutique style Private Hospital, where the emphasis is on maximum care for our patients, and comfort for accompanying friends or relatives.

As soon as you have recovered, you may go home.

It is important for you to understand that Refractive Lensectomy is the same technique we use in our Low Stress Cataract™  Surgery.

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