What do you mean by “Low Stress” Eye Surgery?

At Medownick, we employ a new surgical technique that requires only a micro incision using a surgical diamond knife. And through this incision, the lens can be removed using a technique called Phako Emulsification, and the intraocular lens implanted immediately.

Traditionally, intraocular surgery in Australia involves an injection around your eye, and often painful stitches in the surface of your eye, plus in some cases, the inconvenience of waiting until your bruised, black eye heals.

Medownick Low Stress Refractive Lensectomy™ is virtually invisible and painless, and your sight may be restored almost immediately.

This procedure requires a high degree of surgical skill. Only a handful of eye surgeons perform this in Australia without injections on a regular basis.

The result is a self-sealing incision that requires no stitches. The self-sealing incision means that there is no distortion to the shape of the eyeball.

We usually use no needles. In most cases, we use only eye drops to anaesthetise your eyes to eliminate the fear many people experience with needles. Even if medications need to be injected in rare cases near your eye, we have experience doing this very gently, to cause you little or no discomfort.

Patients usually leave the operating room without a patch on their eye.

They wear only a transparent protective shield so that they can make use of their eye immediately.

Our Doctors who are amongst of Australia’s most skilled eye surgeons, perform all Low Stress Refractive Lensectomy surgery.

They specialise in Low Stress Refractive Eye Lensectomy and Implant Surgery, ReFocus and CustomMatch Procedures, Astigmatic Surgery and Laser Eye SurgeryVision Correction.

Most cases are performed without any injections around the eye.

Our Doctors were the first Eye Surgeons in Victoria to regularly use the Multi-Focal ReZoom, Tecnis & ReStor IOLs.

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