How do I know which Refractive Procedure is best for my Eyes?

The benefits of Refractive Eye Surgery are understood by most people who experience the inconvenience of wearing glasses or contact lenses. Particularly people who pursue active sports, water sports, and an active outdoor lifestyle.

The human eye is the organ that gives us our sense of sight. It allows us to learn more about our surrounding world than any of our other five senses. We use our eyes in almost everything we do. Whether reading, working, watching television, AGreenEyeNewplaying sport or driving our cars, our sight is our most precious human sense.

So it is only natural that as with most people, you feel that your eyes are your most precious sense, and surgery involving your eyes, no matter how beneficial, is not a decision that you will take lightly. We understand, and genuinely appreciate your feelings.

As a potential patient at Medownick Laser Clinic, we want to start by providing you with a clear understanding of what Refractive Errors are, and exactly what is involved in refractive surgery. We want you to understand why not all eyes are suitable for laser treatment. And if we do correct your vision, we shall provide you with a realistic expectation of the results you can expect, and an outline of the possible risks and complications that can occur, however minor.

Refractive Eye Surgery encompasses a range of advanced surgical techniques designed to correct the focusing mechanism of the eye itself, rather than depend on artificial corrective lenses.

The choice for Refractive Eye Surgery and Refractive Lensectomy is a lifestyle decision, whether it be for practical, professional, sporting or leisure purposes.

It may open up a whole new world, and allow you to realise your true potential.

How do we define which Refractive Eye Procedure can provide you with a maximum outcome with high predictability?

Through extensive experience over more than 25 years, and constant study of best international practices, we have learnt that there are at least six Refractive Eye Procedures to reliably correct your eyes. Before we recommend a Refractive Eye Procedure to best suit your vision problem, we take a series of critical factors into account.

If you have severe Myopia (poor distance vision), or you experience a high level of Longsightedness (poor near vision), then Laser Eye Surgery Vision Correction is neither the safest nor the best.

If you are in this category of refractive error, have healthy eyes, and you are within the right age group, Low Stress Refractive Lensectomy with a traditional Mono-Focal IOL will be the best corrective procedure.

If you have High Hypermetropia and Presbyopia, have healthy eyes, active lifestyle and you are within the right age group, ReFocus or CustomMatch procedure might be the best corrective procedure for you and your eyes. The ReFocus Procedure is Low Stress Refractive Lensectomy with a true Multi-Focal IOL.

This procedure is undertaken only when the predictability of outcome is such that we feel we can reasonably achieve a result close to your expectations.

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