Can I claim on Medicare? Do Health Funds cover Laser Eye Surgery Cost?

Should you proceed with Refractive Surgery, one of our consultants will provide you with a detailed quotation, and also explain the specific treatment required to correct the Refractive Error in your eyes.

Unfortunately, because these are elective surgical procedures,  there is no Medicare Schedule Number for these procedures.

Major Health Funds now cover part or full cost of your Procedure if you have top cover.

Refractive Surgery is a medical expense, which depending upon your tax situation, might be Tax deductible in 2016.  Please discuss this with your tax agent

However, it is important to understand that if you require a Refractive Lensectomy alone, or in combination with  T-cuts or Laser Vision Correction, you will be asked only one fee that will include 3 weeks post-operative care.  T-cuts or Laser procedure performed subsequently to correct residual Astigmatism, will attract a Theatre fee only.  There will be no unexpected additional fees.

We call it The Medownick Care Policy.

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