I hate my multifocals – Corrective Eye Surgery

Do you hate your multi-focal glasses? Why continue to struggle? Now your eyes can be young again. The new revolutionary ReFocus corrective eye surgery Procedure from Medownick Laser Clinic can reduce or eliminate your need for multifocal lenses. In just minutes you can turn back the clock, and free your eyes. Medownick Laser Clinic was the first Clinic in Victoria to perform this procedure on regular basis.

In 1784, Benjamin Franklin, frustrated by the necessity to switch glasses in order BenFranclinNewto read, combined his distance and reading glasses into the same frame, creating the first bifocal glasses. Franklin’s invention marked a major leap forward in the treatment of Presbyopia, which previously had been treated by hand-held magnifying glasses, separate glasses for near and distance tasks.

Since Franklin’s day, physicians and scientists have sought improved solutions to the problem of Presbyopia, the progressive, age-related loss of the eye’s accommodative ability. Though spectacle corrections have long dominated the options for Presbyopia correction, recent technological innovations have transformed the management of Presbyopia into the surgical arena. The purpose of this section of Medownick Laser Clinic’s website is provide you with as much information as possible on Refractive Surgery and Lens Replacement Surgery for treatments of Presbyopia.

A Non-Laser refractive lens exchange Procedure, called the ReFocus Multi-Focal Procedure is now available at Medownick Laser Clinic. The procedure could help improve vision near, far and in between.

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