What is Monovision?

Monovision is a  treatment for Presbyopia, where one eye is stronger than the other.

For some patients, this may be an alternative to reading glasses.

Monovision involves adjusting one eye for distance vision and one eye for near vision. Politicians commonly use Monovision with contact lenses. People over 40 years old can get Monovision with Laser Eye Surgery.

In Monovision, one eye will be used primarily at a time for ideal focus. If the object is far away, the “dominant” or “distant”  eye will be primarily used. PeopleSight2If the object is near, the “close-up” eye will be primarily used. Both eyes are used all the time, but one is generally primary, depending on the distance of the viewed object. Peripheral vision and depth perception are usually only minimally affected. Monovision is achieved by purposely leaving one eye somewhat nearsighted. Usually, this is the non-dominant eye, such as the left eye in a right-handed person, or vice versa.

The main advantage of Monovision is that patients over 45-50 years old often will not use glasses for distance or near vision. The main disadvantage is that the patient is relying on one eye at a time, and some people do not like this or can not use it for a significant period of time.

People with Monovision may still use glasses in situations where they require excellent vision out of both eyes. For some, but not all, patients this may include driving a car (especially at night) or doing extensive reading. Other monovision patients will virtually never use glasses.

This treatment is not suitable for everyone, but we can discuss the details. We can even provide a contact lens for the trial of Monovision, to see if this option suits your eyes and lifestyle.

Monovision should only be a consideration for people who are at least 45-50 years old. The best way to determine which procedure is best for you is to carefully test the different options using temporary glasses or contact lenses. We can test your eyes for Monovision during your Free Laser Vision Assessment allowing you to see the various options and helping you to pick which option is best for you and your lifestyle.