Other Forms of Refractive Surgery: T-Cuts for the Treatment of Astigmatism

For some patients with significant degrees of Astigmatism the best solution for Astigmatism treatment lies with an incisional corneal procedure variously known as
T-Cuts or AK (Astigmatic Keratotomy) or LRI (Limbal Relaxing Incision).

For patients undergoing Medownick Low stress Cataract Surgery or ReFocus Vision Correction, this procedure is performed at the same time. For patients scheduled for  Laser Eye Surgery, this procedure may be performed before the laser and when corneal topography measurements have stabilised, the laser treatment can then be performed. It is possible to perform this procedure either one eye at a time or both eyes simultaneously, depending on individual factors which will be discussed during your consultation.

It is important to note that this procedure, which takes only a couple of minutes, is performed only on the outer surface of the cornea and does not involve the inside of the eye. As every eye is unique and different, we will discuss the individual treatment plan with you during your  Free No Obligation Consultation.

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