Frustrated with Reading Glasses?

eyeChartVeryColorfullAs people approach the age of 45 – 50, they experience an aging change in which they begin to lose the ability to change their visual focus from far to near. This causes a decrease in the ability to see clearly at near, when the eyes are adjusted for distance. This is called Presbyopia.

Thus, if you naturally have clear distance vision, then you will begin to need “magnifying glasses” for clear close-up vision when you approach 45 – 50 years of age.

If have good vision at distance with glasses or contact lenses, you will not see clearly at near with your normal glasses or contacts on. So when people who require glasses for distance vision are approaching age of 50 they will need bifocals or multi-focal glasses.

You will generally need to wear bifocal glasses for near vision, although some people can remove their distance glasses and see well at near.  If you need to work at computer or perform other activities which require intermediate vision, multi-focal glasses would be necessary.

For people approaching or in this age group, we must decide how to best adjust your eyes given this aging change. People who have already begun to use bifocals, reading glasses, or who need to remove their distance glasses for clear near vision usually understand this, though people who have not yet crossed this threshold sometimes find this confusing.

People often refer to this condition mistakenly as “Farsightedness”. To be accurate, it is not “Farsightedness” at all. The medical term is Presbyopia. This is the aging condition of the eye that makes near vision difficult, whereas “Farsightedness” (Hypermetropia) is an inherent (not aging) difficulty with close-up vision.

We have a few different ways to reduce or eliminate your need for reading glasses with our Excimer Laser. In just minutes you can turn back the clock, and free your eyes.

One of the options to treat Presbyopia is called Monovision. Monovision involves adjusting one eye for distance vision and one eye for near vision. Politicians commonly use Monovision with contact lenses. People over 40 years old can get Monovision with Laser Eye Surgery or with Low Stress Refractive Lensectomy .

During your Free Laser Vision Assessment we will discuss the various options available to reduce or eliminate the need for your reading glasses and we will help you to pick the best option for your eyes and your lifestyle.

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