Implantable contact Lenses for high degree of Myopia or Hypermetropia in young people

Implantable Contact Lenses involve adding a lens inside the eye. This procedure is reversible and corrects the widest range of vision errors. The lens is fixated on the iris where it will remain permanently. ARTISAN or VERISYSE and ARTIFLEX implantable contact lenses are the most recognised and widely used today.

Since 1986 tens of thousands of people around the world enjoy good vision as a result of vision correction with ARTISAN or VERISYSE. The newest lens, the  ARTIFLEX is the first foldable lens.

These lenses are smaller than a contact lens and are designed for placement inside the eye to correct vision.

During a short treatment, the Implantable Contact Lens is placed in the eye, just in front of the iris (the coloured part of the eye). By means of two tiny clips, the lens is fixated onto the iris. The clips make sure that the lens remains perfectly in place.

Doctors at Medownick Laser Clinic were the first in Australia to perform ARTISAN and ARTIFLEX treatments. There are only two Clinics in Victoria which perform the Artisan procedure.

The Artisan procedure is performed in a Day theatre as a walk in walk out procedure. Most people have good vision within a few days. We will discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure in your particular case during your Free No Obligation Consultation.

The procedure is minimally invasive and usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to perform.

Watch Implantable Contact Verisyse Lens Animation video.

These Lenses have long term clinical experience, have a predictable outcome and provide a permanent solution. They give optimal vision without loss of contrast sensitivity. There is no maintenance required for lenses, but you have to come once a year to check your eyes.

This procedure is not suitable for everybody. So call Medownick Laser Clinic on 1800 DR EYES (1800 37 3937) or book your FREE assessment online now.