Hope for those turned away elsewhere

Don’t let a high-prescription dash your hopes of years of spectacle-free vision. We offer customised treatments that are designed to deal with the most challenging prescriptions.

Laser Eye Surgery for even the highest of prescriptions

AnEyesUpIf you have a high prescription, you may have been told that Laser Eye Surgery cannot help you. Although that’s possible, it’s very unlikely. The truth is, some clinics either lack the expertise to tackle higher prescriptions, or do not wish to invest the time required for such patients. The Medownick Laser Clinic is different. We have been offering Laser Eye Surgery for patients with high refractive errors for many years.

All Laser Eye Surgery involves removing precise amounts of tissue, to subtly reshape the cornea and refocus the eye. For very high prescriptions, we need to remove more tissue. This can be risky, unless the surgeon has already measured and mapped the cornea in extremely fine detail.

Such measurements take time, and world-class technology .

Whatever it takes

At Medownick Laser Clinic, we believe in giving every patient the best possible treatment – regardless of how long it takes, or the technology required. Suffering from severe Myopia (short-sightedness), Astigmatism (distorted or blurred vision) or Hypermetropia (long-sightedness) does not have to be a life-long battle. We have pioneered effective laser eye surgeries for very high prescriptions.

Central to these treatments is our uniquely thorough screening process. Using state-of-the-art  technology, we build up a three-dimensional picture of the surface of your eye in microscopic detail. This is used to program the laser for your surgery, ensuring that we are always working within the threshold of safety. Every case is also reviewed before surgery by Dr. Medownick, as a final safety check.

Perfection takes time

Clinics with a high turnover simply can’t afford to invest this much time in a patient. In contrast, we deliberately spend as much time as necessary with each person.

For high prescriptions or severe long or short-sightedness (Myopia), this can be a great deal of time. We repeat many of the usual screening tests under extreme conditions (such as full darkness pupillometry, reduced light contrast sensitivity testing, and dilated refractions). Indeed, we often take as long to assess one patient as other clinics may take to see a few.

That means you may need to set aside several hours for testing and screening. But when your vision is at stake, why cut corners?

Find out more about the process involved when you receive Laser Eye Surgery from Medownick Laser Clinic.

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