a contact lens to go into eye 2Have you wondered how much you spend annually on contacts and glasses?
Have you evaluated the lifetime costs?

Do you have comfort issues with your contacts? Do you realize how much time you spend cleaning and caring for your contacts? What will that cost you in fees and productivity over a lifetime?

Laser Vision Correction Eye Surgery is cost effective in comparison with the cost of maintaining your glasses or contact lenses over many years of your life.

We would like to introduce the benefits that we think Laser Eye Surgery treatment could offer you.

Mario Balotelli HappyImagine waking up to see the time on your alarm clock, taking part in sports and leisure activities?  Imaging swimming without your glasses and contact lenses, or simply wearing the designer sunglasses you have always wanted?

We can help to make this possible.

Please do not hesitate to ask us about your options to improve your vision. To find the best way to afford Laser Vision Correction Eye Surgery now and to enjoy natural vision, call Medownick Laser Clinic on 1800 DrEyes(1800 37 39 37) or contact us online.

Laser Vision Correction Eye Surgery fees are between $2,000 and $2,750 per eye and start from $4 a day with our payment plans. Ask us about Family or Friends Discount for Laser Eye Surgery Vision Correction at your Free no Obligation Laser Eye Surgery Consultation . If money is a problem, we might be in position to offer a special price for you.

Book your Free no obligation Laser Vision Correction Eye Surgery Assessment online now and start enjoying freedom from glasses and contact lenses. We look forward to helping you to enjoy great new vision!

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