What are the odds of eliminating my glasses after Laser Eye Surgery?

abin_with_glassesOverall, more than 99.9% of patients will see well enough without glasses to pass a driving eye test after Laser Eye Surgery.  96% will have 6/7.5 or better vision without glasses and more than 90% will have 20/20 or better vision without glasses or contacts. The general rule is: more accurate results will be obtained in people who require less treatment.

These results are very impressive, but it is impossible to tell you exactly what your results will be. No guarantees can be made about the outcome of laser eye surgery in any individual case, because each person responds in a slightly different way. Avoid any Doctor or Clinic that promises you a specific result, because that simply is not possible.

The quality of vision after laser eye surgery is usually superior to vision with contact lenses or glasses. Patients generally have less glare than they had with contact lenses, and of course the inconvenience and discomfort of contact lenses is eliminated. Side vision isn’t blocked, as it is with glasses, and there is no longer the problem of dirty, wet or scratched glasses.

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