How safe is Laser Eye Surgery?

When performed by an experienced eye surgeon, Laser Eye Surgery treatments are safe. Like any laser or surgical procedure, these treatments are subject to complications, but serious or long term complications are extremely rare.   You have much greater chance to have a car accident on your way to work than to have a serious complication from Laser Eye Surgery. The complication rate is much lower when your Eye Doctor is very experienced and is specialising exclusively in Laser Eye Surgery, like Dr. Medownick. Most complications can be corrected through eye drops or a repeat laser eye surgery procedure.

In order to decrease the risk of complication of Laser Eye Surgery, we at the Medownick Laser Clinic take many steps to ensure the most accurate results. We monitor and control the temperature and humidity in our excimer laser room, which improves the accuracy of our results. We employ state of the art equipment. Our Laser has PerfectPulse Technology to give you most precise results. Our ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q laser is capable of treating very large optical zones to ensure your good results and improved night vision.

One of the more important steps to avoid complication is in the rigorous testing of our patients.  We will perform a most thorough evaluation; some important measurements will be performed two or more times, and will be further repeated if necessary.

At the Medownick Laser Clinic, we will only perform Laser Eye Surgery on you if we believe that we can obtain an excellent result. More than 30% of the patients that come to us for Laser Eye Surgery are advised not to have the procedure, because we believe they are less than ideal candidates for Laser Eye Surgery.

Our thorough patient screening process minimizes any risk, and following laser eye surgery, your eyes are carefully monitored and treated for as long as it takes for them to settle down.

We  will discuss risks and benefits of Laser Eye Surgery  in great detail in your particular  case during your Free No Obligation Consultation. Knowing your eyes in fine detail means lower risk and better results. So we never rush the Screening Process.

By far the most common complication is under-response or over-response. In the case of an under-response or over-response, the vision will be dramatically better, but a small amount of focusing error still remains. Further laser treatment, known as an “enhancement” or a “touch-up”, can then be used to improve the vision further by decreasing the remaining nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. There is no additional fee for “enhancement” procedures if performed during the first 2 years after your initial treatment. Enhancements are performed on a very small percentage of our patients. We will discuss your chances of an enhancement procedure at your Free Assessment.

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