Can I lose much vision from Excimer Laser Eye Surgery Treatment? Will I go blind?

This is the most important concern that patients have. Our thorough patient screening process minimises any risk, and following laser eye surgery, your eyes are carefully monitored and treated for as long as it takes for them to settle down. Fortunately, serious or long term complications are extremely rare. There is a greater chance of infection from your contact lenses than from Laser Eye Surgery. Over 40 countries are currently using Laser Eye Surgery. There have been more than 30 million laser eye surgery treatments performed worldwide. Results for all countries are similar and consistently positive. There is no single case of blindness reported in Australia. None of our patients have ever lost much of their vision from laser eye surgery. Even if it were to occur, the vision could usually be restored by an additional surgical treatment. Our state-of-the-art ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q Laser ensures you get the most possible precise outcome. Dr Medownick, who performs all Laser Eye Surgery treatments at our clinic, is a genuine pioneer of Laser Eye Surgery in Australia. Dr Medownick concentrates his practice exclusively on Laser Eye Surgery. He has performed more that 18,000 Laser Eye Surgery Corrections.

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