Can I go away on holiday or travel by air immediately after Laser Eye Surgery?

We suggest that you wait at least 1 week before flying domestically and 2 weeks flying internationally after your Laser Eye Surgery.
The air conditioning used in aeroplanes can lead to dry and irritated eyes, causing discomfort.
When you do fly, use lubricating eye drops to retain moisture in the eyes.

In terms of holiday restrictions, the main thing to be aware of is avoiding the water. You must wait 2 weeks before going in the water. Any body contact sports should be avoided or anything which may cause you to rub your eyes.

You should avoid UV light exposure for a few months after Laser Eye Surgery to obtain optimal results. It means you should always wear protective sunglasses while outside and avoid skiing and surfing during this time.

Other than that, there is nothing to prevent you from enjoying a holiday and your natural Vision after Laser Eye Surgery.

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