Eyes of the Future: how technology has changed the way you might purchase sunglasses

You try on several pairs of sunglasses to see how the frames look on you from multiple angles.
Only you’re not actually wearing physical glasses but rather examining a lifelike 3D model of your own head on the iPad.
3D fit iPad app lets you try on sunglasses on 3D model of your face.

I’m not outlining some futuristic vision on the state of eye wear. I’m talking about two new examples of how technology has changed the way you might purchase sunglasses, not just in the future, but right now.

Glasses.com’s proprietary 180-degree 3D facial mapping software lets you see how numerous frames look on your own face in a realistic and fun manner.

You can compare up to four frames at a time in a single view, and tap on one of those views for a closer look. But these aren’t stationary images. You can swipe to move the 3D rendering of your head from side to side to see how the glasses look from each perspective. The computer even generates the appropriate shadows under your eyes as you move. You can also swipe to “slide” frames up and down the bridge of your nose. You can even raise the arms of the frame to get a better peek behind you ears.

As you refine your choices, you can seek second opinions from family and friends by e-mailing or texting pictures of you wearing the virtual glasses, or by the sharing images on Facebook or Twitter.

In certain instances, Glasses.com will send you frames to try on at home before committing to buying them. The company also has a liberal return policy if the glasses don’t feel right.

Article Source: .usatoday.com

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