Natural Vision in a Damaged Eye restored with Stem Cell Treatment

A good Samaritan who was blinded in one eye after a chemical attack has had the sight in his damaged eye restored after 15 years.

Stem cells for eyeRussell Turnbull underwent stem cell surgery where doctors took a small sample of cells from his good eye and grew them in a laboratory before transplanting into the damaged eye.

He was attacked with ammonia after intervening in a fight on a bus in Newcastle which resulted in him being blinded in one eye.

The 38-year-old told that the operation had improved the sight in his right eye from ten per cent to 90 per cent, and removed the pain and sensitivity he had constantly been experiencing in it.

He added: “This has transformed my life.”

The treatment has been developed at the North East England Stem Cell Institute and has already been used successfully with eight people who had lost their vision in one eye.

Thousands of sufferers of a disease called Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency (LSCD) stand to gain from the pioneering eye surgery.

Most patients with damage to their eyes are not suitable for laser eye surgery.

Article Source: the Financial Times

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