Eye Laser Vision Correction Lasik and PRK co-inventor is honored by Obama

Eye laser surgery lasik vision correction co-inventor Dr Peyman and President Barack ObamaThe Arizona doctor and co-inventor of Eye Laser Vision Correction LASIK surgery is  honored at the White House on Friday 1st february by President Barack Obama along with 10 other inventors receiving the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. The award from the president is the highest honor the U.S. government gives to scientists, engineers and inventors. Dr Peyman, 75, is an ophthalmologist and an eye surgeon who received the original patent for Eye Laser Vision Correction Lasik surgery in 1989, following on other’s work using excimer lasers to correct vision problems. Eye Laser Vision Correction Lasik and PRK surgery is a type of eye surgery that uses a laser to correct the shape of the eye to refocus light, eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses. After many years of further research and clinical trials, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a commercial eye laser refractive surgery system in 1995. Since then, more than 25 million people worldwide have benefited from LASIK and PRK eye laser surgery, many of them achieving “eagle-eye” vision – better than 20/20 vision acuity. Eye Laser Vision Correction Lasik and PRK surgery allows patients to correct problems that usually require eyeglasses. Dr Peyman was born in Iran and studied medicine in Germany, according to his personal autobiography. He has published more than 850 scientific articles, 10 books and scientific texts. Article Source: azcentral.com and Cronkite News Want to have “eagle eye” vision and laser vision to improve your game? Book your Free Laser Eye Surgery assessment online now at Medownick. Back to Eye Laser Surgery Vision Correction News, Lasik Eye Surgery, Lasek, PRK, Health and Eyes in 2013