Could Emergency landing happened as pilot lost his contact lenses?

an airplan emergency landing in the seeThe main reason for celebrities in the fields of entertainment and sports to have laser eye surgery is that they cannot wear glasses or contact lenses while discharging their professional duties. Can you imagine Daniel Craig as James Bond, going after the baddies or dangerously driving his sports car, in his bulky eyeglasses? Or a celebrity basketball player, dribbling the ball while being in constant fear of his contact lens falling off?

This is why 82% of U.S. Air Force personnel opt to undergo PRK Laser Eye Surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery has also improved vision in demanding environments, including underwater and in the air.
The first F-18 pilot to have laser eye surgery successfully landed the plane on an aircraft carrier for a night re-qualifying run with his surgeon in the backseat.

As they were flying to the ship that night, the pilot explained that he had never seen the carrier or the landing lights better. One can well imagine that vision is the critical sense when it comes to landing aircraft, let alone landing an aircraft on a pitching deck of an aircraft carrier.

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