The day of Cataract Eye Surgery. Immediately after Cataract Eye Surgery.

We perform Cataract Eye Surgery at Epworth Hospital Day Theatre or in a specially designed boutique style Private Hospital.

You’re bound to feel a little anxious. Don’t worry: by this stage we know your eyes in incredible detail, which is the key to successful Cataract Eye Surgery.  We will give you a mild oral sedative to help you relax. We shall also put anaesthetic drops in your eyes.

You will then be accompanied to the Day Theatre– and a changed life.

We perform Cataract Operation as a “walk-in, walk-out” procedure, so that once you have recovered, you are free to go home. No inpatient hospital stays are required. Patients usually leave the operating room without a patch on their eye.They wear only a protective transparent shield, so they can see immediately after surgery.

Usually, you should allow 3 to 4 hours,  although surgery itself takes only 15 minutes. You may return home shortly after surgery. For total safety, you should plan to have somebody else drive you,  or accompany you home.

Immediately after cataract surgery.

It is recommended that you resume your normal diet immediately to help avoid any potential stomach upset that might be caused by the oral medications.

We will help ensure a safe and successful recovery with comprehensive, detailed aftercare. You’ll have eye drops to aid in the healing of your eyes and to protect against infection, some tablets and night-time clear plastic eye shields to wear for the first 4 nights, so you can’t rub your eyes in your sleep.

Written instructions for the use of eye drops and post-operative care will also be provided.This will include advice regarding after hours care, including a 24-hour Direct Emergency Line, should you require personal or medical help. Read on about The Medownick Care Policy & our Ultimate Service.

You can then leave almost immediately and may return home shortly after surgery.  It’s that quick and that simple. A friend or a family member must drive you home. We emphasise, YOU MUST NOT DRIVE YOURSELF.

You will be given a schedule of follow-up appointments.

It is vital that you return to the clinic so your healing progress and improved vision can be monitored, and if required, adjustments made in the doses of the various eye drops prescribed specifically for your eyes. Failure to attend your post-operative appointments could jeopardise your results.

To discuss how we can improve your Vision with Cataract Operation, call us FREE on 1800 DR EYES (1800 37 3937) to talk to one of our Patient Care Team now or Contact us Online for your free cataract eye assessment today.

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