How is Low Stress Cataract Eye Surgery Performed?

At Medownick, we employ a new surgical technique for Cataract Surgery that requires only a micro incision using a surgical diamond knife. It is not Laser Eye Surgery.

And through this incision, the cataract can be removed using a technique called Phako Emulsification, and the intraocular lens implanted immediately. It is nearly always a foldable lens that is injected into the eye and settles into the housing of the natural lens of the eye.

This procedure requires a high degree of surgical skill, and only a handful of eye surgeons perform this in Australia without injections on a regular basis. The result is a self-sealing incision that requires no stitches. The self-sealing incision means that there is no distortion to the shape of the eyeball.

We usually use no needles. In most cases, we use only eye drops to anaesthetise your eyes to eliminate the fear many people experience with needles. Even if medications need to be injected in rare cases near your eye, we have experience doing this very gently, to cause you little or no discomfort.

A local anaesthetic, in the form of eye drops, will make your operation painless. Although you may see light or movement, you will not be able to see the surgery while it is taking place. And you will not have to think about keeping your eyes opened and closed.

The Phako Emulsifier is a high speed ultrasound machine with a tip that vibrates 30,000 times per second that breaks the cataract into hundreds of thousands of tiny fragments that are removed through a suction process, like a micro vacuum cleaner.

Watch a video “Cataract Operation and insertion of a Tecnis Lens

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