Does the ReFocus Cataract Surgery require an adjustment period?

Dr Walts about Multi-Focal Night VisionFor most people there is a period of 6 to 24 weeks when your brain is learning to “see” up close and at a distance with the new Multi-Focal Lens. Some people report halos or glare around lights. For most patients this diminishes over time.

Most people report that the ability to see near and far out weighs any visual side-effects associated with the Multi-Focal Lenses.

Dr Walts about Multi-Focal VisionMost people are extremely happy with their vision immediately after the procedure. However, during the weeks after your procedure, your brain will have to “learn” how to see with your new Lenses. Expect some glare or halo-like effect around bright lights for the first couple of months. For most people, this effect diminishes with time.

Please note simulations of Multi-Focal Vision in these videos are done for first generation Multi-Focal Intra Ocular Lens Implants (IOLs). Now we use second and third generation Multi-Focal IOLs, which give better vision with fewer side effects.

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