Can I have ReFocus Multi-Focal Cataract Eye Surgery?

video refocusMost people over 60 have some level of cataracts and almost everyone over 50 loses their ability to read and see comfortably at all distances due to Presbyopia

Now there is good news for millions of people with poor vision from cataract and presbyopia.

There are different types of implantable lenses to meet individual eye health and lifestyle needs.

Multi-focal Lenses have helped tens of thousands of people see near, far and everything in between without depending on glasses in most situations. This Lens is designed for people who want good vision near, far and in between without depending on glasses in most situations.

Most People are extremely happy with their vision immediately after ReFocus Multi-Focal Cataract Surgery. However, during the weeks after your procedure, your brain will have to “learn” how to see with your new lenses. Expect some glare or halo-like effects around bright lights for the first couple of months. For most people, this effect diminishes with time.

For many people with cataracts and presbyopia, the ReFocus Multi-focal Lens is like turning back the clock to the vision they had in their 20s or 30s. But some people have always been dependent on glasses. For these people the ReFocus Multu-Focal procedure may represent independence from glasses for the first time in their lives.

Multi-Focal ReFocus Cataract Operation is not suitable for everyone. So come for a Free Assessment and find our whether you can have ReFocus Procedure. You have got nothing to lose  only your glasses and cataratcs.

To discuss how we can improve your Vision with Cataract Operation, call us FREE on 1800 DR EYES (1800 37 3937) to talk to one of our Patient Care Team now or Contact us Online for your free cataract eye assessment today.

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