Cataract Surgery

The purpose of this section is to help you understand the advances in Cataract Surgery that have made this a simple, virtually painless procedure.

We shall explain the nature of cataracts, how advanced Medownick Low Stress Cataract™ Surgery works, and answer many of the questions about what is Laser Eye Surgery and Cataracts Surgery that may be causing you distress and apprehension.

It’s a medical fact of life that sometime after you pass forty, cataracts could develop in your eyes. You won’t notice the cataracts at first, because they will develop gradually over time, and you’ll learn to live with the changes, like slight blurring. And a drop out of the colour blue, which will affect how you judge other colours.

But the critical risk is that your eyesight might fall below legal driving vision without you even being aware of it and this could cause you to be responsible for an accident.

We can test your eyes for early signs of cataracts and there is no obligation. If there is a serious problem, Our doctors, some of Australia’s most skilled eye surgeons, can perform Low Stress Cataract™ Surgery.

We hope that after reading this section you will have sufficient information to help you make an informed decision about Laser Cataract Eye Surgery and your eyes.

At Medownick, we are naturally proud of the advanced surgical cataract eye care we are able to offer you. A combination of surgical cataract skills and state of the art technology in a friendly, caring environment, will reduce your discomfort, minimise your post cataract surgery recovery time, and overall, provide you with a much improved and flexible lifestyle.

Instead of waiting three months, suffering the pain and stitches, and blurred vision, you can use your eye the same week of the cataract eye surgery. You can go back to work, back to your golf, your sport, any physically demanding activity.

There’s no need to wait until you are half blind before doing something about it. Why not have your eyes checked and treated with cataract eye surgery sooner, rather than later, and enjoy safer, healthier sight, and get more out of life as you grow older.

To discuss how we can improve your Vision with cataract surgery, call us FREE on 1800 DR EYES (1800 37 3937) to talk to one of our Patient Care Team now or contact us Online for your FREE Cataract Eye Surgery Eye assessment today.