Although Lindsey Vonn wore glasses on “Law & Order”, her laser eye surgery was a success

Last night (24 May 2010) was monumental in the television world as dedicated viewers said goodbye to one of the longest running shows of all time, “Law & Order”. Lindsey Vonn, the best U.S. alpine female skier of all time, was one of these dedicated viewers. When creator/producer Dick Wolf found this out shortly after the Olympics, he gave her a guest starring role in the final episode.

a photo of Lindsey VonnYou may have noticed her glasses…well, in real life, Lindsey doesn’t need those anymore! Both she and husband Thomas recently underwent successful laser eye surgery treatments.

After laser eye surgery, Lindsey revealed on her Facebook page how excited she was over “how crisp and clear everything is. I am already seeing 20/20 in both eyes and they expect after a few more days of healing it will be 20/15 in both. My husband only had his right eye done and… he is already seeing 20/15.”

Article Source: Ski Channel News

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