What is Astigmatism (distorted or blurred vision)?

For normal, undistorted vision, the cornea should be smooth and equally curved in all directions. Astigmatism means the cornea is warped.

The cornea curves more in one direction than the other, so that the surface is more the shape of a football or egg, rather than a perfect sphere.

Astigmatic Eye

Astigmatism distorts, or blurs vision for objects at any distance. People with high levels of astigmatic vision have usually inherited this condition. It is usually evident from birth, and will require some form of vision correction.

Low level astigmatism is also very common. But this is a condition that can develop any time during our lives, and generally does not require corrective lenses, unless it occurs together with myopia (as it often does).

Astigmatism usually can be treated with either corrective lenses, Laser Eye Surgery or Implantable Contact Lenses for high degree of Astigmatism in young people.